MASTER COURSE - Stone Restoration

Earn the Master Course Certified Badge

Learn the skills needed to offer stone restoration services and price and sell your services. You will also earn the Stone Restoration Master Course Certified badge when you complete this program.

There is a substantial overall savings on the price of Stone Master Course Certificate program compared to tuition prices when the courses are scheduled separately. This program teaches students how to restore natural stone floors, countertops, and walls, engineered stone, and granite floors, using the most efficient and effective restoration procedures. 

Also included in this program is Stain Care Pro, Understanding Sealers for Stone and Masonry, and Selling and Pricing Your Stone Restoration Services. Valuable resources are included and ongoing support will ensure you hit the ground running in offering these services. 

Any student may choose to complete training in one or more of the courses we offer, but the Master Course Certificate is earned when the student completes all of the courses included in this program. 

Each of the SKILLS courses in this program include Spanish Sub-titles