About This Course

Available with Spanish Sub-titles

Designed to give a strong foundation to both those new or recent to the stone restoration industry, or for the more seasoned contractors to learn ways to improve efficiency and productivity, this course will prepare the student for marble, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo floor restoration jobs in the real world.

Students can circle back through the lessons as often as needed to review processes and procedures. As course lessons are updated and new resources are added, students will be notified. And of course, ongoing support is always available. 

What This Course Covers

  • The difference between marbles, terrazzo, limestone, and travertine
  • Honed vs polished finishes
  • Masking and protecting
  • Determining stone damage
  • Grinding
  • Honing and polishing
  • Feathering
  • Repairs
  • Hand grinding
  • BONUS - In addition to traditional methods, we'll cover optional restoration methods.  

Resources for This Course Include

  • Recommended/Suggested Equipment and Supplies and Where to Buy
  • How to Build a Removable Practice Floor
  • Marble and Stone Floor Restoration Reference Guide
  • Worksheets for calculating time and costs
  • Stone Floor Evaluation Checklist (Customizable / Word doc) for preparing estimates
  • And more!

Ongoing Support

We've got your back!

Throughout the lessons, students can post lesson specific questions through the lesson discussion panel and instructors will provide feedback. Students will also have access to on-going support through the Community of Practice (CoP) Discussion Group. Many other valuable support resources are available as well.

Got questions or having issues? We're here to help. Chat with us, give us a call at (407) 567-7680, or send us a message.

What Students Are Saying...

Thank you.

by Kevin Perez. Atlantic Stone, South Carolina

"This course built my confidence to jump on floor restoration ASAP! Thank you."

This course was fantastic.

by Garry Barton. Perth WA, Australia

"This course was fantastic. It filled our needs. We loved the whole program..."