Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

Nothing Sells You Like Reviews

Reviews have become an overwhelmingly influential factor in consumers choosing one service company over another. Reviews are gold but they can be hard to get. This course deep dives into why they are so important and how to get them.

Reviews! Reviews! Reviews! is a must take course for you and your business. Did you know that reviews place second only to keywords and how close you are to the customer in Google search ranking? Google loves reviews and so do consumers. 84% of consumers acknowledge that reviews play a role in their purchasing decisions. No one buys a product, watches a movie, or chooses a restaurant these days without checking reviews. The same goes for choosing a service company. 

Another question: Do you know the difference between reviews and testimonials? Find out which one gives you more bang for your buck and why.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Why reviews are so, so important
  • Ways to get reviews
  • Why and how you should respond to reviews
  • What to do if you get a bad review
  • Creative ways and places to showcase your reviews


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